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I've just updated the thing to use the gtkimhtml widget instead of the standard gtk text widget. this means it can do stuff that looks like this:

So ignore everything else on the page, cos v0.3 will probably never be released, and the next version will be v0.4a featuring super gtkimhtml technology. ace.

OK... bit of an update. I've gone and done something really stupid... and got myself a job. This means that development on SC52 (as it shall most likely never be refered to again) has inevitably slowed somewhat. In the meantime, don't download version 0.2... cos it's rubbish. Just wait a bit and 0.3 will probably appear sometime soon, if you're lucky.

Here is another new screenshot for you... just so you know i'm doing something.

OK, i can tell you're wondering what's going on, so i'll tell you. This is a chat client for Yahoo! Chat, written in C and using GTK+ for the fancy bits. It's being developed on NetBSD, but it should run on anything with a C compiler and GTK+. I.e, most unix like operating systems, including GNU/Linux, freebsd, openbsd and others. It might even work on windows if you install cygwin and ask it really nicely, but i doubt it.

There's now a source tarball for download on the project page. Use at your own risk... make sure you read the release notes on the page, and the README in the tarball. If anyone actually manages to compile and run this thing... (for whatever reason.. like maybe you were bored or something), then please let me know. Send me some patches and stuff too... and bug reports... and beer.

Here are some screenshots for you to look at, they're a bit dull, but hey.
Main Window:

Connect Dialog:

User List:

Big desktop shot here and here is another shot, this time, it's pretending to be mozilla.

The whole thing, copyright Chris Smith - cms108 - the_uberfunk.
If you don't like it, email me: cms108@yahoo.com